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Declutter Your Fridge Door


Declutter Your Fridge DoorDo you have pictures, papers and magnets all over your refrigerator?  

Do they start curling up after being there for a while? 

Do the magnets cover your photos and get in the way?

I was getting fed up with the cluttery look on my fridge.  I’ve seen some great ideas on Pinterest to use picture frames and put magnets on them but I wasn’t ready to commit to that many frames.  I decided to try something basic with the items that I had on hand. Read the rest of this entry

Week 16/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

Week 16 of 52

Baby V:   She turned 4  months this week.  I was excited to see she was able to hold her sticker all on her own.  I LOVE her smiles, they light up my day.  

Looking at Week 15’s links, you should check out Elsa the Rainbow Brite, Stanley made me laugh (looks like what the chicas do) and sweet Isabelle giving lubbins to her blanket.     

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Sew a Crib Skirt


Crib SkirtAs I mentioned in my baby bath tub review post the other day, I finally completed Baby V’s Crib Skirt.  I purchased the fabric a month or two prior to her birth, but I just couldn’t find the energy to measure, cut, and sew.

So finally in her 11th week, I took some mommy time and left Baby V with daddy so I could get my sew on!

The theme for Baby V’s nursery has been a fiesta theme.  (Blog to come soon on whole room.) I knew that I wanted a solid teal/turquoise colored skirt, but could not find a single one in any local stores.  I found one that I could purchase online, but it would cost more than $60 with shipping!  Off to Pinterest I went to find out how to make my own crib skirt. Read the rest of this entry

Week 14/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

Week 14 of 52

Baby V: She loves being on her changing her table.  I kiss her toes and belly and make her smile.  She’s just starting to hold on to toys.  This one is easy for her to hold with all the ribbons. 

Looking at Week 13’s links, loving Pip on the phone (as well as Emily’s Bump photo), Galen made me smile, and I just wanted to squeeze little Eamon the Easter bunny!

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Easter Hop A Long Bunny


Hop A Long Bunny So, I believe the story behind this Hop A Long Bunny begins with the question of which came first, finding it through Pinterest or finding it through Facebook or did I like the Facebook page because of finding it through Pinterest?  Either way I came across this great bunny and thought it would be something I (a novice sewer) could make for my Baby Girl’s First Easter.

The pattern was created by The Sewing Loft and available for purchase on Etsy, under Bunny Sewing Pattern.

For Baby V, I used a Pale Baby Blue Swirl Fur from Joann’s and some pink fabric.  I think it was from Hancock.  (I’ll check out the info on it next time I go to the store and update the post with the info.) Oh, and I used fleece for the face and bunny tail. Read the rest of this entry