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Declutter Your Fridge Door


Declutter Your Fridge DoorDo you have pictures, papers and magnets all over your refrigerator?  

Do they start curling up after being there for a while? 

Do the magnets cover your photos and get in the way?

I was getting fed up with the cluttery look on my fridge.  I’ve seen some great ideas on Pinterest to use picture frames and put magnets on them but I wasn’t ready to commit to that many frames.  I decided to try something basic with the items that I had on hand. Read the rest of this entry

St. Patty’s Day Lovin’s for my Hubby


St. Patty's Day LoveWith a three month old baby in the house, life has definitely been turned upside down.  Lucky for me (and David), I have come across a few great websites that just might help us keep the sparks going.

One such website is The Dating Divas.  Each week the Divas post a date idea (already planned out) and then throughout the week they post fun things/ideas to do with your spouse, you children or as a family.

This month they posted some fun printables to use for St. Patrick’s Day.  Even though I’m not Irish, thought it would be fun to give my husband some special Lovin’s.  So I looked through the printables and I picked a project that seemed like it would be easy for me to put together – I’m Lucky to Have You!

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Trick or Treat Pumpkin


Happy Halloween!  A few years ago I purchased this flexible Trick or Treat basket.  I liked it because at the end of the season it’s easy to put away, just push it down and store it between other items.  It doesn’t take up a lot of space.  Well, I noticed that I have a number of pumpkins as decorations for the Halloween season and thought I’d like to do something a little different than just set it out as itself.

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