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Week 13/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

week 13 of 52

I can’t believe how quickly Baby V is growing.  Although she’s not quite old enough for long periods, every now and then we set her in her walker for a few minutes.  We put a pillow underneath so her little feet have something to rest on.  She doesn’t know that she can play with the toys yet, but I think it’s nice for her to sit up for a little bit.  I’m sure she’ll be zooming around in this soon enough!    

Looking at Week 12’s links, I love Eve’s focus at the playground, Saskia looking in the window, and Audrey resting on her ducky.  If you want to join in the 52 Week Project go to:   

Week 12/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

Week 12 of 52

I decided to have a little fun with Baby V this week.  I thought she looked like a little 80’s girl ready to head to the gym for an aerobics workout.  Every now and then I get lucky and as her arm moves around I can catch one up like this and make it seem like she’s waving.  

Last week I found a few links that made me smile.  Check out sweet Atticus talking on the “phone” and a cute 2 year old’s birthday.

If you want to join in the 52 Week Project go to:

Object in Rearview Mirror is…Asleep: Back Seat Baby Mirror Review


Baby Car Mirror Since babies need to be in the back seat and rear facing in a vehicle, it makes it difficult to see what’s going on with baby girl.

Is she sleeping?

Is she awake?

Why is she crying?

Is the sun in her eyes?

This is why I decided we needed something to help us see what’s going on in the back seat.  I was happy to discover that such an item had been invented and I didn’t have to attempt my own creation.

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St. Patty’s Day Lovin’s for my Hubby


St. Patty's Day LoveWith a three month old baby in the house, life has definitely been turned upside down.  Lucky for me (and David), I have come across a few great websites that just might help us keep the sparks going.

One such website is The Dating Divas.  Each week the Divas post a date idea (already planned out) and then throughout the week they post fun things/ideas to do with your spouse, you children or as a family.

This month they posted some fun printables to use for St. Patrick’s Day.  Even though I’m not Irish, thought it would be fun to give my husband some special Lovin’s.  So I looked through the printables and I picked a project that seemed like it would be easy for me to put together – I’m Lucky to Have You!

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Week 11/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

Week 11 of 52

Baby V is 3 months today, so in preparation of St. Patty’s Day we did a little photo shoot.  One of her favorite things right now is to eat her hands.  She’s our mano muncher.    

Last week I was drawn to check out Avienne, what a special moment; lovin’ the fun of Bella at Sea and Salt; and fell in love with Lucy and her friend Beasley.  If you want to join in the 52 Week Project go to:   

Why I Use a Water Warmer and Not a Bottle Warmer: A Baby Brezza Water Kettle Review


Baby Brezza Water Kettle ReviewHappy ThuRsday Review!

I did my best to actually post on a ThuRsday this week, even if I am down to the wire!

When I began my baby registry one of the first things my sister told me to register for was a bottle warmer.  It sounded like a good idea to me until I was walking around the local Babies R Us and I came upon a water warmer.

After some research, I chose to register for the Baby Brezza Perfect Temp Water Kettle.

Why you ask?

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Week 10/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

week 10 of 52

We finally installed the mirror in the back of our SUV so we can see Baby V while we’re driving.  I wish we would have done this sooner.  It’s so fun to be able to see her.  She seemed a bit introspective today looking out the window as the world passed by.  

Last week had some great links, Gotta love a boy and his dog, a boy and his dad sharing breakfast, this brings back memories of when our baby girl was this small, and loving the bunny ears – Easter’s coming!

Rub-a-Dub-Dub: What I like about our Baby Bath Tub


So…instead of working on my blog during the evenings this week I used my time to finish sewing Baby V’s crib skirt (it’s about 11 weeks late!).  Which means my ThuRsday Review didn’t get posted on ThuRsday.  Sorry!

This week I decided to give a review on the baby bath tub I registered for and received, the Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibrating Tub.

Baby Bath Tub Review

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Week 9/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

Week 9 of 52

Last Sunday was Baby V’s special day with God.  She did as good as a baby girl could, especially given the fact that she was hungry.  She had slept all through Mass and then as soon as Mass was over we changed her and the Baptism ceremony began.  She was not a fan of her bonnet, but it did help flatten her crazy baby girl hair a bit.  Here she was humoring me during her photo shoot.

I definitely like Jodi’s suggestion of sharing our favorite links from the previous weeks.  I absolutely loved the eyes of Lotus and the concentrated look of Bo reading.  Looking forward to checking out this weeks links!

Cloth Wipes & Warmer Review


Okay, so my ThuRsday Review is being posted on Friday.  David was out of town for a few days this week so I didn’t have a chance to write and post yesterday.  Better late than never?  Here goes!

 If you are a cloth diapering mommy or daddy,

have you considered using cloth wipes?

Grovia Cloth Wipes

When I made the choice to cloth diaper our newborn I decided we would go all the way and use cloth wipes as well.  I have been very happy with this decision and I think my husband has been as well (maybe I should check with him…). Read the rest of this entry