Object in Rearview Mirror is…Asleep: Back Seat Baby Mirror Review


Baby Car Mirror Since babies need to be in the back seat and rear facing in a vehicle, it makes it difficult to see what’s going on with baby girl.

Is she sleeping?

Is she awake?

Why is she crying?

Is the sun in her eyes?

This is why I decided we needed something to help us see what’s going on in the back seat.  I was happy to discover that such an item had been invented and I didn’t have to attempt my own creation.

I only registered for items at Babies R Us, so I was limited to the options they had in the store.  So of the options available I chose the Brica Day & Night Musical Mirror.

Since Baby V was born in December (early I might add) we didn’t get the mirror installed right away.  I finally took it out of the box, determined what batteries I needed and got it installed earlier this month.  Boy did I wish I had done this on day one!  I LOVE this mirror.

Buyer be aware that this item takes some batteries.  The remote uses 3 AAA batteries and the mirror uses 3 AA batteries.

Yes, as mentioned above, it comes with a remote!  The remote powers the light and music options on the mirror.

Baby Car Mirror RemoteThe light option is awesome if you want to check on the baby at night.  It’s not a super bright light, it’s just enough so that you can get a quick view.  My baby girl doesn’t seem bothered by it if I turn it on to check on her.

 Baby Car Mirror Light

The music option has two volume options as well.  We were very appreciative of this as the music has some sustained notes on an annoying pitch, but at the lower volume it’s tolerable.  Don’t let this deter you because the music did have a calming effect on our baby girl, so it definitely served its purpose.  This issue could also be the music box in our mirror, others might sound just fine.

The mirror reflection is great.  It’s very clear, no blurry or disfigured reflections.

It attaches fairly easily and has an option to go around a head rest or be attached via a tether anchor.  Keep in mind it might take a few tries to get it angled just right.  A copy of the manual can be seen here if you’d like more details on installation.

Bottom line – I really LOVE this item.  It’s not an essential baby item, but it’s definitely helpful.

Baby Car Mirror

Here she is awake, love this pic too!

Please note: The American Red Cross does NOT recommend there being any extra items attached to the vehicle for baby’s safety because if there is an accident the items can become unattached and potentially harm baby.

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