Week 13/52


“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week in 2013”

week 13 of 52

I can’t believe how quickly Baby V is growing.  Although she’s not quite old enough for long periods, every now and then we set her in her walker for a few minutes.  We put a pillow underneath so her little feet have something to rest on.  She doesn’t know that she can play with the toys yet, but I think it’s nice for her to sit up for a little bit.  I’m sure she’ll be zooming around in this soon enough!    

Looking at Week 12’s links, I love Eve’s focus at the playground, Saskia looking in the window, and Audrey resting on her ducky.  If you want to join in the 52 Week Project go to: http://cheandfidel.blogspot.com/   

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