Cloth Wipes & Warmer Review


Okay, so my ThuRsday Review is being posted on Friday.  David was out of town for a few days this week so I didn’t have a chance to write and post yesterday.  Better late than never?  Here goes!

 If you are a cloth diapering mommy or daddy,

have you considered using cloth wipes?

Grovia Cloth Wipes

When I made the choice to cloth diaper our newborn I decided we would go all the way and use cloth wipes as well.  I have been very happy with this decision and I think my husband has been as well (maybe I should check with him…).

Although we use a diaper service I knew that that we would also purchase diapers to own and be responsible for cleaning ourselves.  With that in mind, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem to have to wash the wipes too.  I did a little research online and determined that I would need about 2 dozen.  I had considered purchasing Thirsties Fab Wipes, but at almost $12 just for 6, I decided to purchase 2 dozen Grovia Cloth Wipes (pictured above) for $11/dozen.  On a whim, I also ordered a package of 10 Planet Wise Flannel Wipes because I had also read that flannel works really well with the # 2.  It’s been about 2 ½ months now and the cloth wipes have been great!

Planet Wise Flannel WipesWhat I have found is that I LOVE the flannel wipes the best (pictured above).  I only needed one dozen of the Grovia wipes.  The Grovia are a nice material, but a little thick.  Many times I use these to clean up Baby V’s body every day in between her bath days.

What I heard about flannel wipes turned out to be true.  Flannel works great when cleaning a poopy bottom.  It gets into the nooks and crannies real well.  I wish I had purchased more, but I do have some old flannel receiving blankets that I may try to turn into wipes in the future.  Stay tuned for that post!

Prince Lionhart Warmies Wipes WarmerIn addition to the cloth wipes, I requested and received a Prince Lionhart Warmies Wipes Warmer for Baby V’s Baby Shower.  Prior to my decision of cloth diapering and using cloth wipes I thought the idea of a wipes warmer was ridiculous.  I figured Baby V would just have to deal with cold disposable wipes.  Then when we made the decision to cloth diaper and wipe I learned that the wipes warmer might be useful.

Why is this you ask?

Well, for one thing, cloth wipes work best wet.  One option could be to wait and get the wipes wet only when they are needed, by taking them to a nearby sink or keeping a spray bottle with a wipes solution at your changing table, but I decided those were not the best options for us.

With the Warmies Wipes Warmer there is an anti-microbial micropore pillow inside that helps the wipes stay moist and a heating component to keep them warm.

Setting up the warmer is pretty easy.  I wet the pillow so it’s soaked with water and place it in the bottom of the warmer.  Then I wet each of the wipes, fold them in half once and then roll them up.

Ever Fresh Pillow

With the wipes we use, I can fit about 6 Grovia wipes and 9 flannel wipes (not that I have them all washed at the same time) in the warmer.

Warmies Wipes Warmer

Depending on Baby V’s bowel movements and such, I probably have to refill the warmer ever 3-4 days.

On the front of the warmer, the crown and heart logo light up when it’s plugged in.  I’ve read reviews where people dislike this and think it’s too bright.  It doesn’t bother us, but it might be due to the way we have it placed on the changing table.

The Ever-Fresh Pillow lasts for about three months and then should be replaced in order to eliminate the risk of mildew and odors.  We’re just about getting to that point for our first replacement.  The warmer comes with one pillow and various places sell the replacement pillows.

The Prince Lionhart Warmies Wipes Warmer also comes with about 4 (don’t remember exact number) wipes.  I was not a big fan of these.  They are a little smaller than our other wipes and they snag real easy if they get washed with anything that happens to have Velcro on it.

I definitely recommend the wipes warmer if you make the cloth wipe choice.  It’s very simple to use and makes life a little easier.  How could you say no to that?

Do you use cloth wipes?  Do you have a wipe warmer or do you use a wipes solution?  Would you like you like to use a warmer?

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