Pregnancy Announcement


When David and I found out we were pregnant we were both excited and scared.  It happened a lot quicker than we had anticipated and I took two pregnancy tests just to be sure.

It was a bit nerve wracking to keep it a secret, but we didn’t want to begin sharing with everyone until we’d seen the doctor and were at or close to our 12 week mark.

In order to keep myself occupied, I began brainstorming/researching ideas for announcing our pregnancy.

For our parents, I found a “We’re Expecting” card at Hallmark.  They each got the same card with a picture of our two positive pregnancy tests.

David and I enjoy sharing news with our friends on Facebook, so I took some time crafting the perfect image for us to post.  I found some cute examples of expectant parent’s shoes with baby shoes in between that inspired the final product for our family announcement.  With my mother’s photography assistance this is what we presented to everyone.

Here we are: Lizi, Me, Baby, David and Posh

There was some confusion for some folks who didn’t notice the baby shoes and thought that we were getting another dog, lol.  To that I said “it would have said 4 paws”.

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