Baby Sex Reveal


Today’s the day!  After filling my bladder with water and a bit of orange juice (something I read online), David and I drove to the doctor’s office for our Ultra Sound.

I was worried that baby would try to hide his/her sex, but we didn’t have to wait long.  The very first image that came up was from the baby’s behind and we received our news.


We didn’t want to just phone our parents with the news so we had prepared special announcements for each.

Since my mom lives in town, we went to her house and took her a gift box that said

“Dear Grandma Lucy, Open me up to see if I will be a boy or girl.”

David’s parents live in Kansas and we’re both working today.  So we had to think a little outside the box for this one.  They received a text message saying that in order for them to find out if baby would be a boy or girl they would have to drive to the address listed before 5 p.m.

We called a local florist and had them prepare a vase with a carnation and bow.  They didn’t have any pink carnations, so they spray painted it.  I think it turned out quite nice.


Then it was time to work on our announcement for our Facebook family and friends.  After a long photo shoot, this is what we presented…


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