Baby Movement Monitor Review


Snuza GoA few days after our newborn was home I suddenly became paranoid that she would stop breathing in her sleep and I wouldn’t know it. I instantly went online and reviewed the options for movement monitors and chose the Snuza Go for our little one.

Snuza products are different than other movement monitors because it clips onto the baby’s diaper, instead of being placed in the crib under the mattress.  This means it’s portable and baby doesn’t have to be just in her crib to use this product.  Baby can be in her Rock N Play, bassinet, or crib and still be used.

The Snuza is powered by a battery.  You turn it on and then clip it to the front of baby’s diaper.  There is an indicator light that turns on to show it is working.  Part of the Snuza rests on baby’s tummy and that is how it determines movement.  When baby is breathing the light flickers on and off.  If baby’s breath is regulated it blinks green, when baby’s breath is irregular/shallow it blinks orange.  (Keep in mind that babies generally breathe irregularly so many times it blinks orange.)

 Have you ever wondered if your baby was breathing

while they are lying down?

My mom once told me with her first born (my oldest brother) she couldn’t tell if he was breathing so she went and got a spoon and put it under his nose so she could watch it fog up.  The Snuza has an additional feature with sound.  Every time baby breathes a little ticking noise can go off and there are two volume level options.  Now you don’t have to stand there and stare and wait to see if baby’s belly is going in and out.  With the volume on you can just listen for the ticking sounds.

What happens if baby stops breathing?

Depending on your selected settings, an alarm will sound if baby stops breathing.  Setting options include 15, 18 or 20 seconds.  I believe I chose the 15 second option.  After almost two months, the alarm has only gone off once and that’s because it wasn’t properly fitted.  Hubby didn’t put it on correctly after a middle of the night diaper change.  It was definitely loud enough for us to hear it from our bedroom down the hall to her bedroom.  (You should have seen me flinging myself out of bed and into baby’s room!)

I highly recommend this product for any parents, especially mothers that are losing sleep and worried about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Another Snuza product is the Hero.  The Snuza Hero (also known as the Snuza Halo) has all the same features as the Sunza go but instead of the alarm sounding after 15 seconds of no movement it will vibrate to attempt to stimulate the baby’s breathing and will then sound the alarm 5 seconds after that vibration attempt.

Snuza USA is currently having a contest going on to get the word out there about their products.  Contestants have to record a video of why they LOVE their Snuza product.  Here’s a link to our baby girl’s video submission.

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  1. Thought that my post pregnancy/baby fog was finally lifting last week and definitely felt more like myself. Then I realized that I wasn’t quite with it on my days of the week and posted my ThuRsday Review on Wednesday. Whoops!

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  3. I love the Snuza.

    My daughter stopped breathing when she was 17 days old. We rushed her to the hospital and in the end, she was fine. I however, was NOT. I couldn’t sleep properly for fear that it would happen again, but this time while I was asleep. So, I researched sleep aids and the Snuza seemed like the best choice. What a lifesaver. I was able to sleep better knowing there was something that would alert me if she stopped breathing.

    Thank you SNUZA.

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