When did I last feed or change my baby?: A Baby Journal Review


baby tracking journalWelcome to the first ThuRsday Review!  Read on for a review of a baby item that is used daily in our household.

Hours and days blur together when you add a newborn into your life. The Newborn Baby Tracker allows for parents to track when baby eats, sleeps, plays, soils diapers, takes medicine and more.

In our tech savvy world, some parents may choose an app for their smart phone, but for our family a good old fashioned pen and paper have been the way to go.  When our baby wakes us at 1, 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning crying the last thing we think to grab is our cell phone. We place the journal on the dresser in the baby’s room and then the next person to go and check on her can see what she may need – diaper change, bottle, burp, etc. It’s also helpful when we have someone else watching baby, we don’t have to worry about them not having an app and having to track info on a random piece of paper.

The book has some symbols that you can use for tracking soiled diapers, but I wasn’t sure which symbol to use so we chose to just write #1 or #2 in that column.

baby journal


One thing I dislike about this journal is that when it’s lying open flat, the left side is night time and the right side is daytime. This means that you can’t see one 24-hour period from morning to night.

baby journal
If you’re wondering why a journal is even needed here are some things to keep in mind. When problems arise such as baby having problems with bowel movements you will know when the last bm was and what it looked like. Then when you call the pediatrician and the nurse asks you how many wet diapers baby has had, how much milk baby is consuming, how often, etc. you can answer confidently and instead of saying “I’m not sure” or “I think…” or “I don’t know”.

This is a great tool for parents and helps decrease strain on your brain. No need to remember what time you last fed, changed, etc. Just write it down and release it from your memory!

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