ThuRsday Reviews!


Product Reviews

Whenever it’s time to make a purchase that will impact the quality of our family life, I spend hours poring over the internet reading reviews and price checking (just ask my husband).  Over time, I’ve come to realize that if reading others’ reviews impacts my purchases I should take the time to publish reviews as well.  So in addition to commenting on the websites where I make purchases, I thought I would also list some of them on my blog.  This way women and mothers with similar interests as mine can view my thoughts on the products our family has chosen to purchase and how those purchases worked out.  In order to not inundate my blog with reviews (or over/underwhelm myself) I’ll limit my review sharing to Thursdays.

Welcome ThuRsday Reviews!

Some products I plan on reviewing in the upcoming weeks will most likely be various baby care items since Baby V is 6 weeks old and we’ve had time to figure out what items we love and work for us as newbie parents.  Here are some items I’m thinking of off the top of my head: snuza, wipes warmer, water warmer, baby care journal, cloth diapers, and rock n play.  Stay tuned for ThuRsday Reviews!

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