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Week 8/52


I was very excited to learn of the 52 week project.  I’m a few weeks behind, but would love to catch up and post on a weekly basis.  It’s amazing how quickly my baby girl is growing and think viewing a special picture each week will be a great way to capture this amazing time.

“A portrait of my baby girl, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Week 8:

Week 8 of 52

This week I was reminded through my weekly email from What to Expect that tummy time is important.  I tried something a little different today and used our mombo pillow to prop up  Baby Girl.  I put it on this big chair in her room so that her and I could be face to face with her, thought she might like this better than on the floor.  As soon as I had her up on the chair, our cocker, Lizi, jumped up next to Baby V.  Somehow I managed to get this great shot.  Lizi always poses when I get out the camera and she decided she should be in Baby V’s picture today.  I LOVE it! Read the rest of this entry